Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wait, did I say the porch was 'done'?

. . .I guess I should rephrase that. MOST of the work is done. Aside from needing screens in the spring (and doors--I forgot to mention doors), under the eves is being repainted as I type this. Ken found the (practicly new) gallon of paint the previous owners used to paint the inside ceiling of the porch. He's going over the greyish facia/eve (whatever you wanna call it) so it'll match the ceiling.

Here are the 'babies'! Turns out they're both boys. And, sorry fellas, they're going in to take the bullets out of the guns at the end of this month!

I suggested we change the names, or at least change Cupcake's name. Ken said don't bother, but I think I have the kids on my side.
Eric and abby (and 3 or 4 of their friends) love to climb this tree! How 'hallmark'!

Ok. I'm off to weed out the kids' summer clothes and clothes they've outgrown. Gotta get those rooms ready for painting. ;)

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Jill Scott said...

Ha! I love that! Take the bullets out of the guns. Great!

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Things that make me smile