Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This -n- that

Abby loves the camo shoes with the wedges that matches her 'princess' camo t-shirt. She is NOT a girly girl and doesn't like pink or purple. The ONLY reason she 'puts up' with the crown is becuase it's on a camo shirt!

Here are the kids gathered around Beth as she messes with John's cell rings! (Hee hee hee!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Sunday

My brother and his family came down on sunday before labor day to spend time with all of us! It was fantastic! Here are a few shots from a nearby park we visited.
Nicolas looks so much like my brother at this age. It's the shape of his head, I think!

Abby in the 'spinny thing' that is coveted by aaaaall the kids at the park.

Nicolas ran from one ride to another, laughing and playing!

My dad helps Nicolas on the swing. How cute is that face!?

My parents with Nicolas.

From left to right. . .Tom, Ken and Dan. Takin' a break.

Animated story.

Abby rocking very fast!

Eric was in on the action, too.

STOP THE PRESS!! My (almost) 12 year old son is having FUN?! And LAUGHING!? All hope is not lost.

My birthday weekend

I turned 35 on August 20th, which was a thursday. I got to spend friday night and saturday with my very good friend, Deata! I love to sit at her dinning room table drinking hot tea with her. We talk and laugh way into the night!

Rather than a meal for dinner, Deata made cole slaw, pasta salad, refridgerator pickles and cut up fruit for us to snack on. Oh, and there was potato salad and cottege cheese, too. Yum!

Here was saturday's breakfast! Oatmeal with rasins and yogurt with peaches!

Deata is 'cat sitting' for a friend. This is Ariel. She is a meow-er!

What's a birthday without CAKE!? Mmmm, this was a very delicious pound cake with whipped creamn, bananas and strawberries. My favorite!

There's Ariel again.
Lots more pics to come. . .I need to catch up on alot! I have a limited amount of time this afternoon--I have an appointment I need to leave for in 30 minutes. Have a great friday!

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile