Sunday, October 12, 2008

The porch is done!

What a great big huge job. As Ken and I were staining the many many creaves and nooks of our porch, he said to me "Painting the kids' rooms after this will be a piece of cake!" Unenthused, I replied, "Painting ANYTHING after this--for the rest of my life--will be a piece of cake!"

Here is the porch before we started. The greyish/blueish color is the color stain it was. (16 years old, fyi.)

Here it is after Ken stripped it. (He didn't strip the lattice, though. You can tell the differance in color.)

And here it is, newly stained in the color called "Cedar"! You can tell in the lower picture that Ken needs to stain the top of the eve. He needs to get a taller ladder.
Here is the inside, finished. (Except for the screens. We're going to buy new screens in the spring.)
Here is that same shot with the wood 'naked'.

It looks fresh, clean, even, . . .we are very happy!

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Anonymous said...

It looks awesome,we wanted to pick a dark color like that for our deck, which would also be a spring job as well. Anita

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Things that make me smile