Monday, February 16, 2009 goodness.

Ok, so you haven't seen me on here in a while. Wanna know why? I have had at least one of my three children home nearly EVERY SINGLE school day for the past 5 weeks!!! UGH!! Asthma, flu, bacterial infections, tummy issues. . .I am TIRED. (Well, and it's after 11pm.) I am CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC that everyone is on the mend.

The kids had today off of school, so I took them to the movies. We saw Mall Cop. It was pretty funny. We also went to the library, and when we got home we went for a walk. It felt very good to get out and walk! It's going to be a bit chilly for the next week, but I need to find time to get some walking in!! Very important.

My sleep study was moved to this friday, so I don't have my cpap yet. (My father in law 'lost' his. Long story.)

So eating has been going pretty well, although there's alot of room for improvement. (Isn't there always??) I'm on the wagon though! Driving it, even!! HA!

So back to putting ME somewhere up front. I need to walk every day and get over here to talk to my 'fans' about my eating and progress. I can't decide if night time is a better time to post than morning. . .we'll have to try for a few days and see what works better for me. . .

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile