Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick hello

It's saturday morning and I only have a few minutes right now. My husband and I are cleaning the house becuase my grandpa is coming over today to see our house for the first time. It'll be a short visit over lunch, and then the rest of the day we can relax. I'll create some cards with new stamps I have (I have the perfect one in mind for a friend who just may be reading this. . .)and get them on this blog asap!! Right now I need to finish my coffee and get going. Thanks for reading~~be back soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My work

I haven't taken the time yet to explain the work I do at home.

One of my best friends, Beth, works for a man that was looking for someone to put scrapbooks together for him and his wife. Beth told him she had a friend that scraps. (That's be me :) After showing the couple a few of my scrapbooks, they were excited to have me put their pictures in albums. I started with their trip to Italy. It turned out very nice, and "A" was glad to have me start on her son's album. That was nearly 3 years ago, and i've been scrapping her son and daughter's albums non stop. "A"'s sister, "K" has a daughter and asked if I'd be interested in doing her album, as well. I was thrilled and honored!

The ladies pay for all the supplies, and I charge $12 per page. I bring the finished albums to them, ask for feedback on the work, and take notes on what they want and like. I am very thankful and blessed to be able to make money doing what I love, and on top of all of that, I get to do it at home when it works into my schedule. As a matter of fact, I brought the newest pictures they gave me on this trip in case I had an afternoon to crop and layout some pictures.

"A" and "K" like their pages to be a bit more embellished and colorful than I typically do my pages, so my style as evolved for them. My albums tend to be a bit more simple with lots of journaling, and their pages are full of Jolee's, bling, buttons and sparkle. I'm adding more of these elements to my pages now and then, but I tend to not stray too much from my original style. Once I have a few of their pages completed, I'll post some of 'theirs' and 'mine'. (Post its over the pictures, to protect the innocent ;)

Stay cool, enjoy from fruit or an iced tea, and I'll be back friday afternoon :)

Summer activities

Hi everyone! It's been too long since I posted. The kids and I aren't home, actually. We've been out of town for a few days, and won't be home until friday afternoon. We're at my inlaws for a family reunion. The weather is HOT and humid--luckily, my in laws have the air on, and we're all comfortable.

Tuesday evening my mother in law and I walked to the park with the kids. We walked there and back, and it was probably 2 miles total. Wednesday the kids and I went to Super Target for a few things, and I walked the parimeter of the store, but aside from that, no real exersice. I hung out with two friends that evening, the kids playing with their cousins at my brother inlaw's house. Today we're moving slowly, but I am feeling the itch to MOVE. I really am feeling addicted to walking. That's a good thing. Maybe today I'll work on strength training a bit, rather than cardio. My plantar fasicia is hurting, and pumping a little iron will keep my metabolism going, while giving my feet a rest.

My father in laws' sisters will be here today, and my brother in law and his family. My husband will be here after work. The kids and I are going home tomorrow after breakfast. My mother in law will be sad to see us go, and it's been very nice visiting with her, but I have laundry to catch up on now, and scrapping and stamping to get to!! (I got some new Bella stamps in the mail the day we left! I can't wait to show all of you how CUTE they are!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, and I'm on the run!

I have a list of things I need to do today, and I don't know if I'll get to all of it! First, I wanted to share this card I made for a friend. I like the colors, but I don't like how the tea cup looks like a bumble bee. It's plum mist and buttercup, but it sure looks like a BEE.

Cardstock and ink---ctmh
stamps---hero arts
My husband will be home this evening after a three day stay at his parents' townhouse. This weekend we'll just be hanging at home and chillin' out. He'll probably stay up in Tinley next week about the same amount of time; three days. It really saves on gas.
Off to run a million errands. Check in later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A day at a time

At the advice of my SUPER FABULOUS cousin, I am taking my workouts day by day. Last night I walked to the video store to return some movies, picked out a new one, and walked back. I will 'measure' the distance with the car today, but I'd guess I walked close to 2 miles. I still had trouble falling asleep last night; last time I looked at the clock it was 12:50. I woke up easily, though, at 8am today and wasn't tired! So I think I'm making progress! :)

So HOW CUTE IS THIS!!? I love the red hair, eh? I made a couple of these for my online buddies :-D

Paper: CTMH "Let's get together"
Ink, brads and markers: CTMH
Stamp and sentiment: Stampingbella

"You can't control the winds, but you can adjust your sails" --I don't know the author.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back in the swing of things

I'm back! I feel like I"ve been gone a hundred years.

Here's a cute happy birthday card I made with some new hero arts acrylic stamps and ctmh paper, inks and markers. Oh, the sentiment is also ctmh.

Ok. I've read all kinds of advice and whatnot about staying on plan and not being discouraged if you fall off plan. One great line I remember is "Lean into it". .. meaning the new plan. That's a good visual for me. I've been making some bad food choices. *sigh* I have a few excuses, but it comes down to stress eating, really. I hope that just by acknowledging it I'm able to start to switch out that habit for another.
I walked outside today for close to 20 minutes. It felt a lot longer than that, though! I drove the route with my car and it's a mile. I'm tempted to make it a longer route so I am walking for a longer period of time, but I think what I'll do instead is keep at that length and pace for this week. My heart rate was DEFINITLY up there. I'm thinking about doing that mile TWICE each day. Do you think that's too much too soon? I feel that 'all or nothing' feeling coming on. I'm thinking I should do it TWICE everyday. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Ok, I'll do it twice a day, but if I only do it three days this week we'll call it ok, yes? Please let me know what you think.
I'm going to make grilled chicken, a salad and au grautin potatoes (I'm not eating the potatoes. They're for my husband.). I am not going to eat anything after dinner. I won't die, and I won't be hungry becuase I plan on going to bed by 10:30, and we'll be eating at 7. (I hate to eat so late, but Ken won't be home until about 6:45 or 7.) I've been going to bed late for the past two weeks, and I need to STOP IT becuase then I'm SOOOO tired in the morning and lay around (and even fall back to sleep) until 11am! Thus, my body thinks it's morning when it's really afternoon, and I don't feel tired when it's 10pm and I should be going to bed. I'm sure walking everyday will help me to be tired in the evening.
Please give me feed back on my plan! Tell me what you think.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just me and the kids for the weekend

Ken went on the annual guys camping trip today with his brother, cousin, and a few friends. It's warm here today, and although the breeze is nice, it's too humid. I put the air on this morning. The kids and I went to Sam's this afternoon and I spent 2 hours in the kitchen putting things away and reorganizing the cabinets. Then I cut up fruit and now I'm ready to settle in at my scrap desk for the next 48 hours!! (Ok, I'll throw a load or two of laundry in at some point.) We rented videos and games last night, so we are set. I have my portable dvd player for my scrap desk and 5 discs of Oprah's 20th Anniversary---I'll be inspired, crying, laughing, and better off for watching it, I know. I love Oprah.

This morning I lifted weights and did squats and lunges. I guess that's what got my blood pumping and lit a fire under my duff to straighten the house, balance the checkbook, and go to Sams. I feel great!

Enjoy your weekend. I didn't post many pics this week--I'll pick it up next week! I'm off to enjoy scrappin', Oprah, and wine. Mmmmm. . .

Happy Moments -- Praise God
Difficult Moments -- Seek God
Quiet Moments -- Worship God
Painful Moments -- Trust God
EVERY Moment -- Thank God.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chore Chart

Here is my kids' chore chart, hanging in the upstairs hallway. Each child has a color, and in their pocket are tags. When they complete a chore or task, they put one of their tags in the corresponding folder. Each tag equals 5 minutes of 'screen time' (computer, tv, ps2 or nintendo ds) Once they want to 'spend' their minutes, they move the tag from the chore labeled folder to the folder of their screen choice. If they don't use their tags that day, I put those tags in the 'rollover minutes' folder, and they can use them the next day!

If they fight, call someone names, or do not tell the truth, a tag is taken from a folder in which they already completed a chore and it goes into the folder of the 'crime' they committed. They lose that tag time.
It's working very well. The kids ask to do extra things for more tags! "Can I clean the littler box?" Hm, let me think about. . .YEAH!
Off to scrap today. Perhaps I'll post again later.
"Concentrate on what you are working for; not on what you fear."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Art deprived. . .

I haven't been able to stamp or scrap all weekend. It was for a good reason, though; I was out of town with family and friends all weekend. Friday Abby and I drove 80 miles north to Kankakee to stay with Deata, and saturday morning Abby and I drove another 30 miles north to my mom and dad's. From there my mom drove to my cousin's baby shower--it was a great time! It was so nice to see so much family that I haven't seen in a long time, and the shower was BEAUTIFUL! Rick and Aneta are SO EXCITED about their first baby (girl) on the way! My aunt and uncle are very excited to be first time grandparents, and I know Aunt Darla will make a fabulous grandma--it's always been so obvious how much she loves babies!!

Tell me they're not thee most beautiful couple!!!
So it's monday morning and I've been thrown, head first, into my list of things to do. I am already behind, and I need to get to the bank before 2pm. I *will* make time to walk today, and after that I'll 'reward' myself by hanging out at my scrap desk. OH CRAP! I just remembered I need to return the dvds we rented! CRAP. I didn't finish watching the CSI season I rented! *sigh* This day had better improve pretty quickly, or I just might crawl back into bed. . . (grrrr)

Friday, June 6, 2008

All or nothing. . .

That thought goes along with my 'shrinking' mentality. I've always had this all or nothing attitude; i.e. 'If I don't work out 5 days a week, what's the point?' I know now that thinking is wrong, and the pengilum doesn't have to swing all the way to one side or the other--there IS a happy medium, and it CAN get me results. So although I only worked out TWICE this week (I'm embarassed to admit that), I have to remind myself that I'm building my endurance and muscles, and leaning into a healthier way of living. :-D

Ok! So this is a card I made for my brother! He excels at his job as a student advisor at a well known university, and this little stamping fella reminded me of my 'big shot' brother!

Stamps from stamping bella, ctmh
Inks, markers and cardstock ctmh
glitter is stickles platinum

I had to take this picture for my fellow Creative Memory girls! I love this everyday frame! It's hanging in my scrap area, by my shelves. I haven't changed it in a few months; I put this collage together in March when it was my son's birthday. I need to transfer this layout onto a scrapbook page for good!

The lighting looks bad on this card. Sorry! I need to play around with ways to take pics of my stuff so it looks the best it can. I made a few of these cards for some ladies I know that might like a little cheeriness in their snail mail!

Paper, ink, buttom and 'for you' sentiment from ctmh

ribbon and flower border from Stampin Up!

Ok, enough play time. I need to get to work! (I'll tell you about that in my next post.) I have to be out of town most of this weekend, so I can't promise I'll be back before monday. Have a great day, a relaxing weekend, and praise God for your everyday blessings!

I love this quote, and I don't know where it orignated; "The people on top of the mountian didn't fall there."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Up and running. . .

Today I'm up, ready and going earlier than I've been all week. It feels good to be up and ready to get some things done. I have quite a few errands to run today, and then I'll be in the house for the rest of the day, avoiding the heat and humidity. There's about 4 loads of laundry to do, so I'll plan on getting at least half of that done today. Then I'll work at my scrap desk.

A good and very old (not in age lol) friend of mine is going through a rough time. I made this card for her and her husband.

Stamp image from Stampin Up and great impressions, cardstock, brads and ink by Stampin up.
Sorry it's a little blury. I need to find a way to take good pics of the images I'm posting.

Since it's only 10am, I can't really report on how my weight loss plan is going today. I'll have to back track and talk about the prior day--I do plan on posting each morning.

Although I didn't count calories yesterday, I made great choices and didn't eat late at night. I had ONE taco for dinner (homemade) and felt full. I ate slowly and stayed aware of how hungry or full I really felt. About an hour after that I had some watermelon after folding laundry. No activity yesterday, though. (Outside of normal housework, of course. But I guess that doesn't count for much! HA!) So today I plan on getting extra steps in while I'm out running errands. I will walk the primeter of wal-mart twice before getting what I need.

Quote of the day--"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Get those steps in!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Better late than never!

I'm here, I'm here! (Running, breathlessly, to the computer) Whew! First week of summer vacation and I'm running to catch up! The kids were on the computer all morning while I was oblivious, sorting clothes, stripping beds, yada yada. So I finally booted them outside (it's hot!) and here I am.

So here are a few cards I made for some friends of mine (I won't say who since they may be reading this ;) I love these images from!

All supplies are CTMH, stamps are minivanabella, lattebella and winobella.
Onto the shrinking part of my day.
It's 2 o'clock and I've had watermelon today. That's it. Not by my choice, necessiarily. .. I've just been engulfed in other things. I suppose it's better than over eating, but not eating at all can't be good, either. I don't want what muscle I do have to be used as fuel. *SIGH* It's a delicate balance, isn't it?
I've been walking all over the house, up and down stairs, carrying laundry, blah blah blah. But aside from the daily movements, I haven't worked out yet. My parents are coming in today sometime, so my mom and I will walk for 30 minutes after the sun goes down.
Today I leave you with this quote, although I can't give credit to the author as I don't know who it is~~ "I can't expect more than a days progress from a days work."
See you tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check out my Scrap/Stamp space!

Progress, not perfection

That is a quote I read, not sure where I read it. But it's powerful. Everyday I aim for PROGRESS, not necessarily perfection. So today I've made great food choices, and have had water (need to push it some, though) but haven't yet worked out. I will get it in, though. My Dr. (she is great, I love her!) said that I can exercise in 10-15 minute bouts through out the day, so that is what I'm doing. 5 minutes on my air climber (tough work out!) and 15 minutes of walking TWICE each day. I'm aiming, of course, to add time to each of the daily activites.

Ken (my husband) works 80 miles north of where we live, so to save on gas he stays at his parents' townhouse three days out of the week. Dinner on nights that he is gone is waaaaay easy for me; I have a lean cusine with extra veggies. Tonight is one of those nights. When he's home I cook a 'regular' dinner (chicken, beef, pork with potatoes or noodles and a veggie or two). Although I try to keep the portions 'correct' on those nights, it's a feat I'm still tackling.

Am I doing this right?

It's been awhile, I know, but I want to get my blog going! I've taken some pictures of my scrap space as well as some cards I made. My aim is to post a pic of art work every day--be it in the form of a card, a layout, or even an organizational tip or technique. I get A LOT of inspiration from other blogs, so I'll be listing those as well so you can enjoy them along with me. :) For today, here's a baby shower card I made for my younger cousin, Ricky! (I suppose he goes by 'Rick' now, though!) Now let me figure out how to add the image. . .Oh, ok. It's up on top. I'm sure there's a way to change that and put it on the bottom, but guess what--I can't figure it out. So--there's the baby shower card!

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile