Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card Swap

I love the stamp club I go to on the second friday of each month! This is the second card swap I've participated in (ever) and am nervous that my card won't be good enough.

So there were 10 of us signed up for this swap. I'll bring my nine cards to the club meet (the 10th one is for myself) and come home with 9 other cards. Just like a cookie exchange.

The theme was "Cards to Go"-- a complete card (as opposed to just the card front, which we usually do) along with a decorated envelope. I always decorate my envelope, but being that my artwork will be going home with someone else for them to give out, I'm afraid that it will be less than they'd like.

I know. I have approval issues.

Anyway-- I love fall, and school being just around the corner brings fall in the not so distant future. So I felt like doing a halloween card. Searching through my things I found that I have a very limited supply of Stampin Up halloween stamps. (One of the rules is to keep the cards as close to Stampin Up stuff as possible.) So the card turned out a bit differently than I was originally thinking. So here it is. . .

Eh. See, I'm not really happy with it.

So first I calculated how many squares I needed on each card and multiplied it by 10.
I layed it out in order of how I wanted it on the card.

I adhered the squares to card stock,

then rolled the card stock through my Big Shot on the Big Note Die.

I don't have a cute little sewing machine to add the stitching (which is soooo cute) so I used a stamp set that is not Stampin Up for the look.

That went onto the certainly celery green cardstock, and layed that onto black cardstock.

Below is a shot of the inside of the card (contraband image) the front of the envelope, and the back of the envelope. (I'm happy to say all of those images ARE stampin up.)

I would've liked to have had a cute saying to go into the oval, but the only thing that would fit was BOO! with a Stampin Up alpha set.

So here it is. I hope everyone that gets it likes it!!

I'll post up pics of the cards I receive tomorrow at club!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"T" minus one week untill school starts. . .

WOW I've had a crazy busy summer! And I downloaded a TON of pictures to my computer from all kinds of things we've done, but they got deleted! Long story. Not worth going into it. Although I *did* save them in my kodak easy share gallery. I wonder if I can get them here from there? I'll try.

We went to a wedding, went blueberry picking, had friends and family over, went to three different parties at friends and families houses, helped my inlaws pack and move, took home furniture and things they didn't want from the move, been to four different parks, rearranged the living room and family room, painted and rearranged Abby's bedroom. . .and kept up with laundry and cleaning the house all the while.

Oh, and I've been going to the gym three days a week (for exactly one week ;) and I'm down 6 pounds! Gotta love it. I'm going after dinner on monday, wednesday and friday. It's working out well!!

Today I need to get a haircut. It's waaaay past due. Then I need to make 10 cards (all the same) for a card swap I'm in through my stamp club, which meets this friday night. (I'll get to the gym in the afternoon so there's no excuse to 'skip it'). Tomorrow I have to go to Springfield, Il. for an appointment with my dermatologist about my psoriasis. The methotrexate wasn't doing any good, so I'm about to start Humera. I'll let you know how it goes.

OMG it's nearly noon! I need to get going. I'm getting a haircut today, then I need to stop at Cub grocery store because of a few things on a great sale. I have a gift card for Borders and I've been dying to get over there to see what's on sale. (End of season. There's gotta be a good sale going on.) Plus I could use the distraction. Oh, a friend of mine is starting her first book club and I'm in! Starts September 2nd! I need to cycle about 3 loads of laundry today and OH I need to get some liquid miracle grow. . .my flowers are at the stage where they need to be cut way back and fed/watered miracle grow and water. According to my garden guru, they will bloom wonderfully again after that.

I leave you with my favorite LOLCatz image. I still laugh out loud when I see this.

Have a great monday!!

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile