Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sugar High

My daughter's 7th birthday is this saturday, and my parents stopped by today with a birthday cake for her. That was 9 hours ago. I just 'sneaked' another BIG piece of that cake. I didn't cut the piece for myself, no, I'd rather just take a fork and have 'just one bite' out of the pan. Well, then I had to nibble along that entire side of the cake, to even out the bite I took. Then I took ANOTHER bite. Ooo, have to keep the side of the cake straight, so let me just continue along. munch, munch munch. Now I have a super sugar headache. Dummy.

Before that, though, I had a great day! I worked out this morning and I really pushed myself. I worked out yesterday as well. Tomorrow I plan on continuing the work out streak, espically now that I have too much sugar pulsing throughout my body.

As for crafting, I've really been off the wagon. With the kids home, it really is hard. They'll be on vacation for a week, though, so I will have time to catch up. I will be working on my client's albums every day, but I'll allow myself time to make one card each day!!! I promise I'll have lots of art work to post next week. :)

What's the rule---stop eating 2 hours before you go to bed? Now I have to stay up another 2 hours. (Like that's really a problem for me.)

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile