Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pushin' on and getting there!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say that I am working out and I am shrinking!! Imagine that---work out and eat right and your body RESPONDS! It's a fabulous thing!! I have a grand total of 130 pounds that I want to lose. Naturally, I need to cut that into smaller goals. My first goal is 10 pounds by my birthday, which is in 35 days. I am soooo going to do it. I'd raise my goal to 15 pounds, but I read somewhere that if you set very attainable goals and then reach them, your brain counts it as a success. Alternatively, if you set a goal and JUST MISS it, your brain counts it as a failure. So if I set a goal of 15 and lose only 14, my brain will still see it as a failure, and I'll feel 'not good enough'. So, TEN POUNDS it is!!! (Of course, I'm not-so-secretly thinking it'll be more. I guess I shouldn't do that. It defeats the concept I just described.)

On to my day! I worked out after a healthy breakfast, started laundry, straightened, vacuumed and now I need to shower, have lunch and get to work at my desk!!! Check in later :-D

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile