Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7 years ago. . .

. . .my youngest child was an infant. I feel like an old person when I hear myself saying things like "Time goes by faster the older we get"--but man, it is SO TRUE. I've got a few pictures of Abby as a youngin', but first take a gander at this lego star destroyer Tommy and his friend, Grant, put together! There's 1300+ pieces of legos in it!

Here is a picture (of a picture) of Tom and Eric holding Abby the day after she came home from the hospital!! Tom was 3 and a half, Eric was just over 2.
I took this picture of a scrapbook page that shows Abby at two week old. (Wow, my scrap-style has EVOLVED; for the better :) I remember her being so small and skinny, reclining in her bouncy chair. Her big eyes followed her brothers' paths as they ran past her and back through the room again, playing.
My brother's fiancee worked at The Picture People and took this shot of Abby for her 9 month picture! She's wearing her easter outfit. I love this picture. (Thanks, Jen!!)
And now here is my 7 year old from a few weeks ago. She is SO helpful, kind, loving, giving. She's VERY creative (loves crafting and artwork) and just 15 minutes ago I heard her singing along with the radio to Nickelback's "Savin me"!
Ok, I'm off to my scrapdesk. I'll post the work I get done later!

"Come, my children, listen to me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord." Psalm 34:11

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile