Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Progress, not perfection

That is a quote I read, not sure where I read it. But it's powerful. Everyday I aim for PROGRESS, not necessarily perfection. So today I've made great food choices, and have had water (need to push it some, though) but haven't yet worked out. I will get it in, though. My Dr. (she is great, I love her!) said that I can exercise in 10-15 minute bouts through out the day, so that is what I'm doing. 5 minutes on my air climber (tough work out!) and 15 minutes of walking TWICE each day. I'm aiming, of course, to add time to each of the daily activites.

Ken (my husband) works 80 miles north of where we live, so to save on gas he stays at his parents' townhouse three days out of the week. Dinner on nights that he is gone is waaaaay easy for me; I have a lean cusine with extra veggies. Tonight is one of those nights. When he's home I cook a 'regular' dinner (chicken, beef, pork with potatoes or noodles and a veggie or two). Although I try to keep the portions 'correct' on those nights, it's a feat I'm still tackling.

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile