Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chore Chart

Here is my kids' chore chart, hanging in the upstairs hallway. Each child has a color, and in their pocket are tags. When they complete a chore or task, they put one of their tags in the corresponding folder. Each tag equals 5 minutes of 'screen time' (computer, tv, ps2 or nintendo ds) Once they want to 'spend' their minutes, they move the tag from the chore labeled folder to the folder of their screen choice. If they don't use their tags that day, I put those tags in the 'rollover minutes' folder, and they can use them the next day!

If they fight, call someone names, or do not tell the truth, a tag is taken from a folder in which they already completed a chore and it goes into the folder of the 'crime' they committed. They lose that tag time.
It's working very well. The kids ask to do extra things for more tags! "Can I clean the littler box?" Hm, let me think about. . .YEAH!
Off to scrap today. Perhaps I'll post again later.
"Concentrate on what you are working for; not on what you fear."


Pauline said...

Hi Jennifer. what a great idea!! It not only looks but works well. Good for you :)

mom2triplets04 said...

This sounds really interesting. I can't see your chore choices. Can you e-mail me as I so desperately need some help. I'm trying to decide if this would work in our house since I have triplets and they are always fighting me on chores. Thanks for your help.

La Sonya said...

Hi Jennifer,

I can't see your chore choices. Could you please email me your setup. I am at Thanks for your help.

gina said...

this is beautiful and looks like what i had in mind as far as earning screen time, loosing time, you have close up pictures so I can see better what you did...thanks!

Proud Mom said...

I also would like close up pictures. I have four boys and am trying to find a chore chart that fits us! Thank you.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Hi Jennifer, I love this. I too would love to have close ups and your chore list if you don't mind. Thanks for the help. Its greatly appreciated.

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Things that make me smile