Friday, June 13, 2008

Just me and the kids for the weekend

Ken went on the annual guys camping trip today with his brother, cousin, and a few friends. It's warm here today, and although the breeze is nice, it's too humid. I put the air on this morning. The kids and I went to Sam's this afternoon and I spent 2 hours in the kitchen putting things away and reorganizing the cabinets. Then I cut up fruit and now I'm ready to settle in at my scrap desk for the next 48 hours!! (Ok, I'll throw a load or two of laundry in at some point.) We rented videos and games last night, so we are set. I have my portable dvd player for my scrap desk and 5 discs of Oprah's 20th Anniversary---I'll be inspired, crying, laughing, and better off for watching it, I know. I love Oprah.

This morning I lifted weights and did squats and lunges. I guess that's what got my blood pumping and lit a fire under my duff to straighten the house, balance the checkbook, and go to Sams. I feel great!

Enjoy your weekend. I didn't post many pics this week--I'll pick it up next week! I'm off to enjoy scrappin', Oprah, and wine. Mmmmm. . .

Happy Moments -- Praise God
Difficult Moments -- Seek God
Quiet Moments -- Worship God
Painful Moments -- Trust God
EVERY Moment -- Thank God.

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CathyJoy said...

I literally just copy/pasted this- Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God!
from Newlywoods03 on 2Peas to send to you! Funny!

What are you guys up to this weekend?? Anything fun & exciting?

Chat soon~

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Things that make me smile