Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Water + mold = smell!

UGH! We got water in the downstairs (grade level) bedroom--which we use as a play room--and the carpet on the one side actually SQUISHES and water comes up from inbetween my toes! Thank God my in laws are here for a few days and my father in law is pretty much taking care of this for me! The down stair bathroom had carpet in it, and there is a drain under the carpet. The carpet was all wet, and I think it's from water backing up in that drain. So he tore out all the carpet and padding, scraped the floor (becuase there's glue on it) and it helped get rid of some of the smell. He's gonna try to get the water up with our carpet cleaner. Oh, and there's mold on the backside of the drywall in the bathroom (on at least ONE wall--the one we can see becuase the opposite side is in a closet.)

More on this as it develops.

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Anonymous said...

OH Jen!! I'm so sorry to hear this. I didn't realize you guys got hit so hard down there! I hope everything's OK down in your basement. How'd the cleanup go?
See you soon!!!

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Things that make me smile