Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High around 82 today

I am very much looking forward to next week--the weather is predicted to be in the high sixties/low seventies. I am so tired of the humidity!!

Ok, enough complaining.

Ken and I found a church close to our house and tried it out 2 sundays ago. I filled out the guest info card and later that week a couple from the . . .what do you call it. . .care commity? . . .well, anyway they showed up at my door one evening with this package of goodies (including a gladware container of HOMEMADE cookies!) and a smile, welcoming us to come back and asking if we had any questions! I'm telling you, this church is SOOOO nice, friendly, welcoming. . .we love it! The kids go to Awana every wednesday night (it's like a bible study/fellowship/funtime for them in groups of kids their own age) and I've been going to a mom's group on monday mornings for 2 hours. I truely know we've found a church home. We love it!

Look at this beautiful house! It's a bed and breakfast scrapbooking place in Grand Rapids, MI! I went their this past weekend with 7 other friends (and made 3 new friends while I was there!) It was a GREAT time. Very relaxing, but productive at the same time. I got 32 pages done in one of the albums I'm doing for hire. (I was going to work on my stuff, but I really want to get this album done so I can deliver it and get paid!)
The home was built in the 1880's for the Mayor's son and family. It's got three floors totaling over 6000 sq feet! It was simply magnificent inside, and we throughly enjoyed being waited on by the FABULOUS and friendly innkeepers!!
This is the dinning room. The table extends for large groups (like us.)
Above is the double parlor where we worked. There's a fridge there for us with all kinds of non-stop beverages and even ice cream sandwiches in the freezer!
So back to business. Here is the new floor in the play room. I'm going to paint the walls (panneling) as it's been a bit dinged up and a bit damaged from being taken off and put back on. I'm thinking of going with a neutral almond type color. Something not too dark, but not stark white, and will go nicely with the tones in the floor. Which, by the way, is a one piece vinyl floor.
The bathroom is also a one piece vinyl floor. I like this one very much, too! I think I'll repaint this room the same color as the playroom. It'll warm it up a little without making it too dark.
And here are a few pics of fall in our home!

Well, the dryer is buzzing and I need to call comcast about a problem with my phone service. Stupid comast.


Valerie said...

FINALLY! I've been waiting for the update about your weekend - 32 pages! Good for you! Glad to hear you had a great time.

Also thrilled to hear you found a church that you really like. It sounds like a good place for the entire family. Awesome! God is good!

Anonymous said...

That's great about the church. So jealous. I wish the 'good' churches(I know YOU know what I mean) weren't all over 30 mintutes away from me.
VINYL!? You got me! WOW! I'm going to have to look into that. LOL WOW! Looks fab!!!
What scrap place did you go to? Jealous again! :)~
See you Saturday!

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Things that make me smile