Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm loving this weather!

I know the coolness and rain comes at the expense of one or more hurricanes, and because of that I pray for all on the coast to be safe. But 65 degrees is HEAVEN to me! The windows are open, I've got some candles burning, music playing. . .mmmm, I LOVE it!

Ok, so listen to this. I went to the mall for a walk today. ("But Jen," you say, "The weather is so beautiful.")I know, I know. But it could rain at any moment. So at first the pessimistic side of me was like "It's friday. Why the heck would you walk at the END of the week? Why bother. Start monday." Then the LOGICAL side of me said "Seize the day! Do it now! Walk today AND tomorrow! So what if it's friday!" So I drove the kids to school (Eric is getting over a bad asthma episode and has dr's orders to stay out of gym class and do NOT walk to school) and went right to the mall! I walked for 30 minutes and I feel GREAT! Then I got home and unloaded 20 12x12 patio pavers onto the side of my house to make a walkway through the muddy area for the kids. The pavers each weigh 24 pounds, so I got a good upper body toning workout!

Ok, onto some pictures so I can get to work. . .

The kitties are getting big, and they are VERY playful! Most of the time that's fine, but it sometimes gets to the point where I need to break it up! They're like toddlers--getting into things they shouldn't .

The side of the house here was WAY muddy last fall and this past spring. Grass just won't grow by the fence, and the kids go in and out of the back garage service door all the time, so I needed to keep things from getting messy. The pavers will sink into the ground and be fine. Sure, I could've layed down pea gravel, but then I'd need to surround the walk way with edging, and I think that would stick out like a sore thumb. I'll try this first. I know someone who had good luck doing it this way.

And finally, some art work! I need to find a better way to photograph these pages. I know the page protector on it doesn't help, but still, I can never seem to get a good shot.

Today I plan on getting no less than 10 pages done in the current album I'm working on, and tonight I'm going to make cards! I have a few in mind I need to do. Tomorrow Ken and I are going to dig up the spindly bushes out of our front yard and I'm planting MUMS! YEAH! I love fall!!

"Amazing love! How can it be that you, my King, would die for me?" Chris Tomlin, You are my King

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile