Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's not bad. . .

Please let me start by saying that I am greatful for the situation we have and praising God for the cross we have to bare---I can't fathom what people in Texas and Louisiana are going through. Even throughout the midwest people are being flooded terribly. Two of my best friends live in Crestwood and their backyards are LAKES now. My sister in law's crawlspace is FLOODED to the max. I am praying for them, and everyone. And as I said--I thank God for the little bit we have to deal with. It's not bad, and--in fact--is a blessing becuase we're able to remove any mold that was there and stop anymore from growing. And that carpet in the bathroom is gone! (I went to menards yesterday and found peel and stick tile for the playroom and the bathroom :)

OK--so here are how things stand today. This is the play room. My father in law carefully removed the panneling and found drywall behind it. The drywall was DRY, thank God. But he wanted to see if water was coming in from the bottom of the wall, so he removed a bunch of the panneling and drywall. The black you see is paint--someone marked the studs with spraypaint. Believe me, when I saw it I thought it was mold--I freaked out!

This is just a shot of the floor. See the curious kitties? Always underfoot.
Ok. This is in the bathroom between the shower stall and the sink vaniety. That's gravel. Very damp, very smelly. My father in law is going to fill it with concrete.
The playroom things have been strewn about in the family room.

So hopefully by the end of this weekend things will be fixed and nearly back to normal. I'm going to buy the tile for the playroom and bathroom today. I may have to install it myself on monday, but I'm good with that.
This weekend I'm going on a scrapbooking trip with some friends. I was going to work on my things, but it's clear that I need to work on WORK so I can get it done. I feel good about that, though. I know I'll have two full days of nothing but cropping, uninterupted.
Be back soon!

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile