Thursday, May 28, 2009

The week in review

How crazy am I? I bring my camera with me everywhere now to remind me to capture my 'everyday life' for all of my blog friends! Ha!

So this was today. . .I took this shot because at the time it annoyed me deeply. There are ALWAYS plastic cups, bowls, etc etc all over the kitchen table. I knew if I put it on my blog it would seem more humorous to me than it did at the time I took the picture.

I think I'm still annoyed.

Here is a picture from last weekend. We had my brother in law and his family over friday and saturday night. Here is Ken making saturday morning breakfast with Abby and our niece Maria eagerly helping.
Saturday night. The guys made a fire I'm pretty sure you'd be able to see from space. At this point it was dying down. I insisted that the garden hose was lying nearby with the water on, ready to spray at a seconds' notice.

This was yesterday. I needed to go to Kroger for a few things so the kids and I went to Dairy Queen for a hot dog first. Tom is trying not to smile, but I had him laughing. Puberty.

And back on tuesday I had a dr.'s follow up.

This weekend we're going to Wisconsin for my cousin's wedding. I'll post some pictures for sure. :)

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile