Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've always loved to read books, and often wrote stories all through school. Although I'd love to write a book, I tend to journal more than anything. I have a lahhhht of journals! Some are finished, some are not. Below are the CURRENT ones I'm writting in. There are others that need to be completed. . .I need to get to them.

They say to write, you should read alot. The books below are ones I bought just becuase these authors are constantly writting best sellers! I've started the Nora Roberts one.

This picture was suppoused to be pictured AFTER the following one. But I"m in a hurry. This is a series I've gotten into and enjoy. Hunted is the newest book in the series, just came out today! I picked it up at Kroger for 25% off :)

Here are the first four books in the "House of Night" series.

And ahhh, my favorites. I do love the Twilight saga! I've even gone back and re-read my favorite parts. :)

"The Host" is written by the same author of the Twilight saga, and so far she's not let us down--I love the story line and her way of writting.

Gotta run! I am late picking Eric up to take him for a follow up appointment. . .

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile