Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's c-c-cold!

Temps out here today are around -11. Factor the wind chill in and it's -35!! That's ferinheight! So I turned the heat up and the kids are home becuase the school is closed. Second day in a row. It's a day where you just wanna cuddle up under a blankey. I *did* clean the bathroom, and I straightened the kitchen. . .but I wanna crawl onto the couch under a blanket. *SIGH*. . .I need to get to work at my desk. It's chilly down here in the family, though (the windows are old and need to be replaced). It's a battle. . .the couch is winning. . .

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Jill Scott said...

We've missed you. I hope you'll be up and running again soon. I know what you mean about the blankie and the temps. Brrr.

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile