Friday, January 30, 2009

If every day could go like this one. . .

. . .I'd be superwoman!

I've had a GREAT day! It started last night when I went to bed by 10pm. I woke up pretty rested, got the kids off to school, then I worked out, cleaned the kitchen, straightened the front room, vacuumed, put two loads of laundry away, showered, put a FABULOUS dinner inthe slow cooker, made two cakes for my kids and husband, AND made two sugar free jellos! I thought for sure I"d be wanting a nap this afternoon and I"M NOT TIRED! Odd! I'm gonna switch my purse, straighten the family room a tad, cycle some laundry, then sit at my scrap desk and play all weekend! WHOO HOO!!! Go, me!


Kelly said...

Don't ya just love days that that! You go girl!

Dan said...

Awesome Jennifer! I'm gonna try and get on here more often to check up on you. Gotta make sure my sis is doing ok! Looks like the extra rest and workout really had a positive effect on this day for you!! Love you! dan

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile