Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being accountable

New year's resolutions are always the same for me. Resolve to lose weight; eat better, work out more. I count out 5 or 6 months from now, calculate how much weight I'll lose, and think about what size I'll be by the begining of summer.

And it never works out the way I plan.

But that's becuase I haven't, in the past, made an outline of my plan to follow. I would always kind of wing it. Well not this year.

Not only do I need to lose weight because I WANT to, I NEED to. My triglicerites (sp) are way too high. I have sleep apnea. (More on this in a minute). I do NOT want to get to the point that I'm diagnosed with diabeates or (even worse) have a heart attack becuase of the build up of plaque in my arteries.

So losing weight is a vaniety thing, but more than that, it's a health thing.

I saw my primary doctor, Dr. Lamb, yesterday. She is a fantastic doctor, and a wonderful lady. I left the office feeling optomistic about the future of my health. Baby steps, of course. First of all, I went for a sleep study this past august. The follow up 'specialist' told me that I was under the specifications needed to be considered 'apnea', and that the cpap machine was kind of up to me. So since he convayed to me that I didn't really need it, I opted to NOT use it. Dr. Lamb had a copy of my study and flipped through it, noting that I stopped breathing 8-9 times AN HOUR through out the study, and had something like 68 leg movments. This is not restless leg syndrome, but says something about the lack of/ bad sleep I'm experiencing. She told me that she has patients who, after ONE NIGHT of sleeping on the cpap machine, can't believe how RESTED, even perky, they feel! She said it happened to her after her first night of sleep on the cpap. She 'sprung' out of bed.

So it appears that I feel like the walking dead becuase for the past. . .who knows how long. . .I've been sleeping TERRIBLY through the night. It's the weight, I know. So I'll say it's been 7 years since I probably had a deep, continuous sleep.

And friends, I am FEELING the effects of sleeplessness.

So I'm going to be fitted for a cpap machine, but in the meantime my father in law has one that I will use. He hasn't used it in a while, and doesn't need it now. I'm hoping for some relief, until I can be properly fitted and such.

SO!. .. To sum up my resolution for this year I can say it's basicly to get balance into my life. I need to be able to work from home, exercise, plan my meals, do the laundry, bills, take care of the house and raise my kids without feeling like I need to be superwoman at every aspect. I'm taking this once step at a time, one day at a time, and I need all the help and support I can get.

That's where you come in ;)

Just knowing that someone is out there waiting to read my accountability post for the day will get me to keep track of my meals and snacks, activity and accomplishments.

So without further adoo, let's get on with our day. . .

~~Serenity is not being free from the storm, but finding peace within the storm.
---Author unknown

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Anonymous said...

Yes not getting the proper sleep does result in weight gain, that s my problem too, broken sleep,i don't have sleep apnea, but one of the kids waking me up, or my legs getting a little stiff,or husband who snores,i need to make changes myself, I think watching that diet tribe makes you want tohelp your friends. Now if i can get Ryan to set up that tread mill for me, and test out these space heaters from my brother i can be walking instead i'm sitting. Good luck my dear !!! Anita

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