Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey everyone.

I was sick for a while, if you remember, and then my husband got sick. Now my middle child is in the hospital with asthma/pnemonia. He was admitted yesterday, and the dr. says it looks good that he'll be out tomorrow.

A small dent in our turkey day plans, but that is OK! The food will wait, the family will be happy to see us when we can get there, and the mall isn't going anywhere!! (I shop on black friday. OH, wait--I *did* mention that a time or two.) SO this year it'll be saturday. No biggie.

The most important thing right now is that Eric gets well and can BREATHE. (Small detail, eh?)

Walking update--I've been walking two days a week with Wendy and I'm noticing I feel stronger, sleep better, and am not as hungry. (Weird?) I was complimented, too, that I"m looking slimmer. Polite, yes. Flattering, yes. How true, I'm not sure. ;) I'm going to keep my routine the same right now, as December tends to get full pretty quickly. I am almost ready to add a third day. I think first I'll add a day (at HOME) of strength training. That will be my challenge and change for December. Come January I'll be regularly walking twice a week and strength training once a week. Then I'll add another day of walking. :-D

Ok, I am going back to the hospital. Enjoy your turkey, family, shopping-- look around and really notice just how rich you truely are! Eric being in the hospital made me sit up and take notice of how much we have and how lucky we are!! :)


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Jill Scott said...

Congrats on your shrinking progress, and I'm glad to hear that your son will be coming home. What an exhausting month you've had. Take care of yourself.

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Things that make me smile