Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm falling in love!!!!

There's a new thing I've fallen in love with-----IRON ONS!!!!! I made a t-shirt for myself for halloween that says "Trick Or Treat" in 'bling'. .. I'll take a picture when it's out of the laundry. Anyway, I got the idea for black friday (my FAVORITE day of the year!) to make t-shirts for my group and I, but it got a bit costly----so I made these little canvas bags!! It was so much fun! Now I know what you're thinking: "What the heck are you gonna do with that little canvas bag that doesn't have any kind of closing mechanism, won't fit over your wrist, much less your shoulder and can't be attached to another purse handle?!" Well I thought it through and have a few ideas. Either A)It can fit in a bigger purse (like mine) or B) it'll just be for in the car. (And will come out at our 'pit stops' like Starbucks or Panera) I'm thinking this little bag will hold our small notebooks with lists of what to buy, who to buy it for, what store to get it at, which store has what on sale, etc etc, a pen, chapstick, gum,. .. whatever. It's just so cute and it was SO MUCH FUN putting it together!! I have to buy one more for Deata; I had another black bag, but Abby was helping me and she really wanted one. So I made one for her. It says "Abby's Stuff". (She's not on the list of those who are going shopping on Black Friday. Oh, no.) I'll go back to Hobby Lobby and get another black one for Deata and maybe I"ll find more things to iron letters to. I LOVE it!

{{Clapping and laughing!}}

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Jill Scott said...

Oh man, you're one of those crazy people that gets up in the middle of the night to go shopping and knock other people down?!!! I never would have thought. Actually no, I believe it. Just think of me when you're out, I'll be tucked away, nice and cozy in my warm bed and not getting trampled. Have fun!

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Things that make me smile