Friday, November 28, 2008

Delayed one more day. . .

No go on coming home today. (Friday) His oxygen saturation wasn't high enough, espically while sleeping. By this evening he was doing MUCH better.
The hospital had Nintendo Game Cube as well as Wii. He only wanted to play Gamecube.
He also watched a SpongeBob Marathon on Cartoon Network.
If I never see (hear) another episode of SpongeBob again, it'll be too soon.

Meanwhile, I finished "Breaking Dawn", the 4th (and last *sniff sniff*) book in the Twilight Saga. Great saga--I highly recomend it!
I started "OutLander" by Diana Gabladon. It was highly recomened to me by a friend.
So Ken is at the hospital now with Eric. He'll be released tomorrow, we'll go to my in laws' for leftover Thanksgiving dinner, and sunday morning I'll be shopping with my sister in law, mother in law and best friend.
Most of my christmas shopping is done, though. Thank God for that. But the Christmas season wouldn't seem to be 'kicked off' if I don't get out in the crowds with my girls and shop!!
I'll be stopping at Target in the morning. (I'll probably hit a few other stores, too, before Eric is released!) Target has The Notebook on dvd for $3.98!!! SHUT!UP! I'll be looking for that.
Ok, I'm dead tired. Be back asap.

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile