Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hibernating this weekend

I was suppoused to go to a weekend crop, but I just wasn't well enough. I'm glad I stayed home, becuase I slept quite a lot--and I know I needed it. With my husband around 24/7 this weekend, there's been ALOT of chores accomplished! I surely appreciate it. I *did* get a little scrapping done. Here's what I did--
I worked on our family Christmas pictures from last year. I want to get them done before I take 2008's pics. Then I won't be more than a year behind.
It's so hard to photograph layouts. This shot seems so far away. You certainly can't see the pictures in the layout.

This page shows our FIRST time of having stocking hung 'by the chimney with care'!!

While I was laying on the couch at one point, JackJack got comfy with me. He's such a purr-er!!

Ugh. Nice shot. Can I note here that my psoriasis gets worse when I'm sick. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, so it gets worse when my body has to fight an illness.

Mmmm. .. fresh bread! I didn't make it from scratch, but it tasted like it. It's a frozen dough that you put in a loaf pan, let it rise for about 8 hours, then bake for 25 minutes. It went well with the homemade chicken noodle soup I made on saturday. Today (sunday) will probably be chili. Mmmmm. . .

Maybe it's becuase I haven't been 100% health wise, but I feel like I"ve lost some of my scrappin' 'mo-joe'. Maybe I just need to jump back in the saddle and do some more today.
That sounds good. That's what I'll do.
On the 'shrinking' note, I"ve been walking with my girlfriend two days during the week. The first time we walked (two weeks ago) I was really working to keep up, and was having a VERY hard time talking while walking. This past week on one of the days we walked I felt much stronger and wasn't working quite as hard! My finger nails have been NOTICEIBLY stronger--I wonder if that has something to do with the better eating I'm doing? At any rate I'm now looking around for signs of improvement other than just on the scale, which is, by the way, down a total of 5 pounds from my all time highest. It's a far cry from pulling 50 pounds off this year (which was my goal back in January), but I need to look forward, not backward. I have three weddings to go to next year, and I want to have a good chunk of this weight off. I'll be posting more about shrinking from here on out--I need to be accountable.

Thanks, friends! Be back later :)


Jill Scott said...

I love Jack Jack. Did you name him after the Little Incrediboy in The Incredibles?

The break picture is great. I like the last loaf on the right. It looks like it got tired of standing at attention and just gave up.

I hear you on the whole weight thing. I'm contemplating joining Weight Watchers myself.

Anonymous said...

We missed ya! I hope you're feeling better!!!

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile