Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wrapping up another school year!

This is the view of my family room from my scrap desk. See how CLEAN and EMPTY and QUIET it is? (You can SEE the quiet, can't you? I can.) Well. . .the days of *this* family room are numbered! The kids will be out of school and they'll be down here with me (when they're not outside) watching tv, playing on the computer, asking me for this, that and whatever else. . .and I will become annoyed. Ahhh, see the crocus? This little sprout of lovliness is smack dab in the walkway to the side of our drive. Amazingly enough they weren't stepped on this season. Crocuses don't bloom for long. They're just long green grass like greenery now.
I've been making card packs for teachers, mom group leaders and other much appreciated people. Here are just a couple.

There's Abby with some girlfriends. They are painting and decorating terra cotta pots in a Girl Scouts meeting.

Eric and Abby got their faces painted at Family Fun Night, held at the school. Abby is a dragon and Eric is a Tiger. Eric also won first place for being the fastest competitor to complete the obsticle course at Family Fun Night. He finished in 6 seconds flat! Other typical times were 15-26 seconds.

Ahhhh,yes. School is almost done. Only 6 more full school days left. As much as I LOVE the quiet and time to get things done while they're in school, I am just as much looking forward to a break from the morning and afterschool routine. No more homework, no more organizing school work, projects, making peanut butter and jelly every morning at 7am, driving to school in the fridgid weather or through a monsoon. Summer is a fantastic time for kids as well as parents!
I plan on having the kids read a few books each this summer as well as keep up on their times tables. (That's for ERic and Abby. Tom. . .well, he doesn't need help with school work. Speaking loud and clearly maybe, and brushing his hair so he doesn't look like a hoodlum, but that's about it.) I'll be reading a ton as well, although I'm caught up with the two series I'm reading. I got 5 or 6 books at a garage sale this past weekend for $0.50 each! That was a great find. I want to start writting a book as well. I've been thinking about it for a year or so, and after reading at least a book a month I'm really motivated to get started. I'd love to see a book of mine on the shelves at Border or Barnes and Nobel (hopefully not in the discount bin) but it's not getting there by just thinking about it, is it?

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile