Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ambitious hosta

Look at this thing! I transplanted it last year from the back yard; split one big hosta into two or three pieces and this is just one of the offspring. I was cracking up when Ken gave it a voice!

"I'm a tree!"
"No, you're a hosta plant."
"But inside I feel like a tree!"

This mutant hosta is the only one that is trying to grow straight up rather than out!!

Here is one of my deck boxes on the back porch. The small, pitiful plant on the left is a wave petunia, just like the one on the right of the sweet potato vine. I do not know why the one on the right is doing so well and the one on the left is . . .not. They came from the same batch, are planted in the same dirt with the same amount of fertilizer, water and sun.

Amazing. It's just like kids. How can they be so different from each other when they come from the same place and live in the same circumstances?

Maybe the left plant feels left out. Or just wants more attention.

I hope warmer weather will help it to catch up.

AHH, look at the beautiful peonies! (I shook them out good before bringing them in. Ants, you know.) The are very fragrant. I may have to put them back outside. But they are so pretty to look at :)
I have a very busy afternoon, so I am off! I have a few birthday cards I need to get out, so I will post them up here before they head off!

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile