Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ribbon is done!

I found these glass containers at Walmart for $4 a piece! I'm really happy--they look beautiful!

I reorganized my scrap shelves (again) and fell in love with the wall. Again. :)

I love this basket I got at Target for $15 this past spring! It hold mostly my Great Impressions stamps of the month, but a few other of my favorites are in there, too.

Here's a shot of my desk and the family room from standing in front of the scrap shelves.

And here's the wall behind my desk. (Also re-done.) :-D

Stacy from My Love Affair with the Label Maker is hosting an 'organize your stuff'' challenge, and this week is pictures. I pretty much have that under control, so I can take the rest of the week off. Watch, next week will be ribbon.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

I wanna come scrap with you. You have the ultimate set-up. And my heck, how many albums DO YOU HAVE?

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile