Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Organizing my scraps

I've been following the scrap room organization challenge from twopeas member Wookie Mouse, and although I'm a week or so behind I'm psyched to show you my scraps and how I've fixed a huge problem I didn't really realize I had!

I have been keeping my scrap paper in 13x13 zip top bags, filed in 13x13 hanging folders in the cropper hopper keeper. (I don't know that 'keeper' is it's exact title, but whatever. . .)

So from the beginning of time (my scrapping time, that is) I've kept nearly EVERY scrap piece of paper. Some other scrappers have drilled it into my head that 'this stuff is just too expensive to toss away' and 'if you can get a punch out of it, it's not trash'. But to me, enough is enough already!

I DO NOT spend the time going through those scrap bags looking for just the right shade of color, and I have RARELY searched through the depths of the scrap bags for smaller pieces of card stock for card making.

So one by one, I dumped the bags, sorted by shade (the best I could), and TOSSED anything smaller than 2"x2".

**Deep breath**

**And. . .

. . . .exhale.**

I feel MUCH better.
And there's STILL too many scraps. But I do believe I'm more apt to look through them now, knowing what is in there (and what is NO LONGER in there.)

Here is a shot of a couple (cleaned and sorted) scrap bags. . . .

. . . .in the 'keeper'.

Huge, huge thanks to you, WookieMouse!!!

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Things that make me smile