Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girl's Winery Trip!

We had a BLAST! Me, Beth, Anita, Katie and Michelle went to Michigan for 2 and a half days. We went to various wineries and wine tasting rooms, bought a bunch of wine, went peach picking, boating with a friend, and LAUGHED nearly the entire time!

The above picture is us on the tractor pull that brings us out to the peach, necterine and plum orchards.

Me and Anita :)

This was the first place we tasted at. We got to try 5 different wines. I ended up with 9 bottles by the end of the trip, Beth had 12, Katie and Michelle had around 9 and Anita had 4. We got some GREAT tasting wine!!
It was AMAZING to me how much fruit was on each branch! Ken and I are taking the kids apple picking this fall!! They will love it!

Oh, poor Anita! She will NEVER live this down. We went under a very low bridge, and in all fairness, we ALL hit the deck. . .Anita, however, got stuck!

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather, with your friends. --Czech Proverb

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Anonymous said...

Awe! It looks like you gals had a BLAST! What a great idea for a girls weekend!!!


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Things that make me smile