Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it just me???

I'm tellin' ya, I thought I had a kind of easy, laid back life. . .but lately I've been so busy, I'm ready to pull my hair out! Wait, that's not really accurate. I'm so busy, I want to just chuck it all and curl up on the couch with a blankey and the remote. Yes. That is more like it.

So I've been helping the kids with homework (and LATE work. .. UGH), taking them to the dr's, keeping them home from school with various sicknesses, going to morning bible study, cleaning the kitchen, doing MOUNTAINS of laundry every three days or so, going to wednesday night church program, mom's group, going through everyone's clothes and putting away summer clothes to replace them with fall and winter (still not done with this chore), book club, stamp club, crop club, dr's visits for me, working 5 hours a day (ok, I haven't been able to keep up that pace, but I'm working on it) and pulling all the (dead) summer flowers out of pots, dumping the dirt and decorating the outside for fall.

I know, I know. . .alot of people have the same types of things to do, I'm not unique. Everyone has to run their lives. Notice I didn't add paying the bills, dusting, vacuuming, grocery shopping, CHANGING THE TOILET PAPER ROLLS. . . is there some unwritten rule I'm not aware of that makes the rest of the family think they are unable to do this task??

So on top of that I'm coordinating Eric's 5th grade halloween party and leading Abby's brownie troop. Not because I'm looking for a way to strengthen my leadership skills. . .no, no. .. because I'll do anything to keep my kids happy.

Ok, almost anything.

But how can I say no to Brownies? (Girl Scouts) No one else would step up, so here I am. And again, no one would take the lead in 'putting together' the halloween party. Nothing earth shattering, but both new tasks definitely involve alot of emailing and calling people. In fact, there is ALOT more involved in leading brownies than I thought there'd be. I had to take a mental day from it today. I'll get back up on that horse tomorrow. Or monday.

So, I've been creating cards and layouts, I just haven't taken my camera out. But don't feel slighted--I need to update my facebook page, too.

Below is a picture that's in my computer from LAST FALL. (There are SO MANY pictures I need to print!! Not that they'll get much further than that. .. I'm more than a year behind in scrapbooking.) So here' my niece and nephew in the fall leaves of 2008. . .

Adorable, aren't they??

And below is a picture you may recall from my birthday post.

This is the breakfast my best friend, Deata, made for me when I stayed at her house the weekend of my birthday. I'm posting it today because I'm going to her house again tomorrow night! The end of August was the last time I was out there, and I'm looking forward to spending time with her. . .we hope to find a festive pumpkin patch type place with apple cider, a little shop. . ya know, the whole kit -n- kaboodle. Plus we're going to window shop in a few of our favorite stores and see my other BEST friends at Jodi's house saturday night! (Beth and Anita, I'm talking to YOU! Pull yourselves up by your boobstraps and get to Jodi's by 7!! I miss you!!)

I am going to take pics of the house, my kids, and all the festivities to come and I'll post them up SOON!! ;)

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Beth said...

You're crazy! I and my boobstraps will be there!

Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile