Friday, September 11, 2009

My birthday weekend

I turned 35 on August 20th, which was a thursday. I got to spend friday night and saturday with my very good friend, Deata! I love to sit at her dinning room table drinking hot tea with her. We talk and laugh way into the night!

Rather than a meal for dinner, Deata made cole slaw, pasta salad, refridgerator pickles and cut up fruit for us to snack on. Oh, and there was potato salad and cottege cheese, too. Yum!

Here was saturday's breakfast! Oatmeal with rasins and yogurt with peaches!

Deata is 'cat sitting' for a friend. This is Ariel. She is a meow-er!

What's a birthday without CAKE!? Mmmm, this was a very delicious pound cake with whipped creamn, bananas and strawberries. My favorite!

There's Ariel again.
Lots more pics to come. . .I need to catch up on alot! I have a limited amount of time this afternoon--I have an appointment I need to leave for in 30 minutes. Have a great friday!

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Things that make me smile

Things that make me smile